Will there Soon be No More Room for Orthodox Jews in Davos?

The head of the Davos Tourist Board agitates against Orthodox Jewish tourists

von Michael Thaidigsmann

Social Media

Fridays for Future’s Tweets against Israel

The climate movement has repeatedly attracted attention with tweets hostile to Israel. Who is behind the account?

von Nicholas Potter and Joshua Schultheis


Central Council of Jews Shocked by AfD’s Success in Thuringia

President Josef Schuster said the election outcome worried him deeply


Saxony-Anhalt elections

Schuster warns to be too casual about results

President of the Central Council of Jews stresses that more than one in five voters have casted their ballots for an extreme right-wing party


Yom Kippur attack

Central Council of Jews demands tough sentence for Halle assassin

At the start of the trial against the antisemitic assassin, Josef Schuster calls for a »thorough and complete« investigation


Leo Baeck Prize

»A true friend of Israel«

The Central Council of Jews in Germany pays tribute to Springer CEO as an opinion leader for liberty



»Life at its most beautiful«

In Frankfurt, 1300 Jewish teenagers come together to celebrate